Legal services

Commercial and company law

Preparation and drafting of documentation for registration of trading companies and status changes of trading companies, registration of subsidiaries, mergers, merger and division of companies, acquisition of company business shares, restructuring of trading companies, legal counselling regarding ownership/management rights in trading companies, legal counselling regarding the liquidation of trading companies, acquisitions of joint-stock companies, securities market law, legal representation in commercial court jurisdiction disputes.

Acquisitions and mergers

Structuring of mergers and acquisitions, legal due diligence, drafting of transaction documentation, drafting of a company division plan, joint stock company share purchase agreements or ltd company business share purchase agreements, option contracts, Escrow contracts, agreements between shareholders or members of the company, public acquisition bids, privatization.

Legal advice

Consultations and counselling on clients’ legal rights and legal regulations interpretation, representation in negotiations and mediation/conciliation procedures, and preparation of legal opinions.


Consultations regarding the preparation of legal deal conclusions, contract drafting, contract analysis, and legal support/representation in negotiations prior to legal deal conclusions.

Collection of receivables

Legal counselling on debt-securing and collecting claims, examining the creditworthiness of the counterparty, drafting of payment instruments, and representation in enforcement and litigation proceedings regarding debt collection claims.

Inheritance right

Drafting of wills and contracts regarding inheritance, and legal representation in inheritance proceedings.

Intellectual property and copyright law

Consultations: drafting of copyright contracts, license contracts, and representation in intellectual property disputes. Legal issues related to Internet content, media contracts, e-commerce, representation in copyright disputes, preparation, and compilation of documentation required for trademark/patent registration.

Promotion and sponsorships

Product distributions and supply agreements, sponsorship contracts, promotional contracts, advertisements.

Real estate deals

Real estate due diligence, cadastre and land register status examination, drafting of and advising on real estate purchase and encumbrance contracts, legal consulting and representation in land registry enlistment procedures and ownership transfers, legal consulting, drafting and analysis of construction contracts, representation in disputes concerning real estate/real estate rights.

Bankruptcy law

Drafting and submission of proposals for initiation of bankruptcy proceedings, drafting and submission of claim reports, representation in bankruptcy proceedings, representation in creditors’ committees, drafting and implementation of the pre-bankruptcy settlements, legal representation in pre-bankruptcy proceedings.

Labor law

Legal counselling on employer’s/employee’s rights and obligations regarding employment relationship, drafting of employment contracts and executive employment contracts, drafting of general acts and decisions in the field of labour law, and legal representation in labour disputes.

Family law

Legal counselling and out-of-court resolution of marital disputes, drafting of prenuptial and nuptial agreements (marital property agreements), legal representation in matrimonial disputes/ disputes regarding child support and alimentation in general, representation in family disputes and legal disputes regarding personal statuses.

Administrative procedures

Legal representation of clients before official authorities in public procurement and asset recovery procedures, representation before tax authorities and in antitrust and competition protection procedures, in location and building permit issuance procedures, drafting of administrative lawsuits and other written submissions and legal representation in administrative disputes.

Constitutional right

Drafting of constitutional lawsuits and proposals for the assessment of compliance of legislative acts and regulations with the Constitution.