About us

Experience that makes winners for years

Leko & Partners is a law firm providing legal consulting and representation services within the entire range of legal fields for more than 30 years covering almost all business branches from domestic public and private companies, multinational corporations, banks and other financial institutions to hospitals, insurance companies, construction and energy companies and providing legal support to numerous natural persons.

A team you can always rely on

Miroslav Leko founded the law firm back in 1990, after which he gathered a team of top legal experts, today making a law firm counting up to more than 30 dedicated professionals. Wide experience with a client-oriented approach makes us a team you can always rely on.

The legal expertise you desire

We provide services and expertise in all areas of law but are specially recognized and established in the area of ​​commercial and civil law.
We use our wide professional experience attained in numerous successfully resolved cases but never rely on ready-made forms. For us, each case is unique. The attention we focus on each client and each case is the key to our success and quality.

You do the planning and we will take care of the rest

Our lawyers’ expertize focused on specific legal areas guarantees the top quality of legal service we provide. We use the latest technological solutions and set the highest professional standards in protecting the rights and achieving the interests of our clients. Therefore, you may continue to make plans, and we will help you to accomplish them. Because your business is also our business.